Concert Hall: ERSO and Tüür 60 under the baton of Olari Elts

"Phantasma" (Estonian premiere)"Solastalgia" (Estonian premiere)Symphony No 9 "Mythos"

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra celebrates Erkki-Sven Tüür's upcoming 60th birthday with a concert night focusing on the composer's newest orchestral works. The conductor is Olari Elts, and the soloist is Vincent Cortvrint. The live broadcast on Classical Radio is on Friday, October 4th at 7pm. Mediated by Johanna Mängel.

The main part of Erkki-Sven Tüür's work is instrumental music.
He has composed nine symphonies, several instrumental concerts, numerous works for symphony and string orchestra. The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Olari Elts , will present his most important instrumental works of recent years before his birthday.

The author's concert features the 9th symphony "Mythos" created for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia , inspired by dozens of myths about the birth of statehood and national consciousness, which are still being created today.

For the first time Vincent Cortvrint, a longtime flutist and absolute top performer of the Royal Concertgebouw 'Orchestra of Amsterdam, who will premiere in 2017, will also be singing to the Estonian audience with his "nuanced and delightfully colorful play".
The title of the work is derived from Latin and Greek, referring to pain and consolation on the one hand, but also nostalgia, which is also known as one of the expressions of home anxiety and the resulting depiction of pain.
According to the composer, solastalgia is characterized by the feeling that the surrounding beautiful nature has suddenly become a quarry or a forest or industrial landscape lost through clear cutting.

For the latest opus is a concert scheduled Kymi Sinfonietta, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra-ühistellimusena completed "Phantasm" , which was written with the inspiration for the composer Beethoven "Coriolanuse" overture.

This evening, Erkki-Sven Tüür's longtime friend and like-minded friend, Olari Elts, is on the conductor's desk.
Olari Elts is also one of the initiators of Phantasma.
"The precision of detail, the sparkling musical energy, and the clear vision of captivating the score have touched me deeply over and over again over these years," Tüür said of Elts. Olari Elts, however, calls Tüür one of the best symphonists in the world of music today:
"He creates his worlds from minimal symphonic material, and has achieved such virtuosity and clarity that the interpre- tator will have as few questions as he is so professional in his score.

Tüür recalls that as an orchestral composer he received his "first stripes" from ERSO as early as 1984, when Vello Pähn conducted his first symphony during an "ERSO studio lesson".
The second and third symphonies, as well as the "Zeitraum" also premiered with ERSO.
"I learned tremendously from these experiences. And right now, it is extremely nice to say that compared to many, many other orchestras, some of my typical typical vibes play with ease, others have to do a lot more work on these same things in a rehearsal session. by musicians who know my audio language thoroughly, " says Erkki-Sven Tüür.


International Bruckner Festival Linz 2019


Estonia State Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Neeme Järvi; Estonian National Men's Choir
Anton Bruckner: a) Symphony No. 4 in E flat major WAB 104 (Fasung 1878/80), with the new finale; b) Heligoland, Symphonic Chorus G minor for four-part male choir and large orchestra WAB 71; b) "Volksfest" finale in E flat major from Symphony No. 4 WAB 104 (recorded on 22 September at Brucknerhaus Linz in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound). Presentation: Alice Ertlbauer-Camerer

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With the 4th Symphony, the Bruckner itself as  Romantic  The sometimes labyrinthine weave of different versions reached its peak: composed in 1874, he revised the work between 1878 and 1880, for which the so-called "Volksfest" finale was first created, which was replaced by a new final movement only a short time later. Including the renewed revision in 1888, there are therefore three independent versions and a total of four versions of the final movement.

The elements of folklore, which not only passed through the folk festival, as an expression of a romantic patriotism, with which Bruckner dressed up rural idyll as well as hunting and "holiday social life", grew in the same breeding ground as those so characteristic of the 19th century Men's singing clubs, which the composer himself formerly member and conductor of the Linzer Liedertafel  Frohsinn  felt deeply connected. This is also the tradition of the symphonic choir Helgoland, which Bruckner composed in 1893 while working on his 9th Symphony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Vienna Men's Singing Association and whose performance by the only professional full-time men's choir in the world is a rare rarity.
(International Brucknerfest Linz)



P2 Koncerten: Klassisk Top 50 - Finalekoncert



Lytterne har bestemt, og vi har talt ned i mange uger og dage. I dag er vi nået til den store kulmination, og nu afslører DR P2 endelig den allermest populære kormusik ved finalekoncerten i DR Koncerthuset.
19.20 Interviews og tendenser i årets Klassiske Top 50 Kor.
20.00 Finalekoncert fra Koncertsalen med DR KoncertKoret og DR SymfoniOrkestret, der fejrer kormusikken.
På programmet er de stykker, danskerne har stemt ind i toppen af Klassisk Top 50 Kor.



P2 Koncerten: DSQ-festival



- direkte fra Bygningskulturens hus i København, hvor Den Danske Strygekvartet med venner spiller Ernst von Dohnányis strygetrio samt et langt musikalsk forløb, hvor værker af Schubert, Ives, Rihm, Kurtag, Sjostakovitj, Purcell og Biber sættes ind i nye sammenhænge og fremstår i et hel nyt lys.
Alexi Kenney, violin.
Jennifer Stumm, bratsch.
Toke Møldrup, cello.
Wu Qian, klaver.
Den Danske Strygekvarte



P2 Koncerten: Torsdagskoncert med Kirill Gerstein i ny klaverkoncert



- direkte fra Koncerthuset, hvor den russisk-amerikanske virtuos spiller Thomas Adès' nye klaverkoncert for første gang i Skandinavien. Hør også dansende og underfundig musik af Ravel og Sjostakovitj.
Thomas Adès: Klaverkoncert (1. gang i Skandinavien).
Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales.
Sjostakovitj: Symfoni nr. 9.
Kirill Gerstein, klaver.
DR SymfoniOrkestret.
Dirigent: Nicholas Collon.



P2 Koncerten: Kammermusik i Hvide Sande



For 13. gang inviterer Hvide Sande Masterclass til en intens uge med kammermusik i centrum. Hør koncerten, hvor de fem højt estimerede lærere går sammen om en koncert med musik af Puccini, Eduardo Arolas, Piazzolla og Dvorák.
Eszter Haffner, violin.
Ernst Kovacic, violin.
Steven Dann, bratsch.
Henrik Brendstrup, cello.
Kathryn Stott, klaver.
(Helligåndskirken i Hvide Sande 24. september).
Ca. 21.30
Dufay Ensemble synger Palestrina.



P2 Koncerten: Camilla Tilling i København



En af tidens store sopraner gæster Mogens Dahl Koncertsal med et varieret program med lieder af Bo Linde, Grieg, Sibelius, Zemlinsky og Mahler.
Ved klaveret: Paul Rivinius.
(Mogens Dahl Koncertsal 24. september).
Ca. 21.30
Organisten Ulrik Spang-Hanssen og Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester spiller orgelkoncerter.